Frequently Asked Questions


tymt (pronounced \ "timt" ) is the next generation game launcher enhanced with a wide variety of tools and SDK's for traditional games, blockchain and Web3 applications.
tymt has an easier onboarding process for game developers that are restricted or have been denied by Steam, Epic Games or similar businesses.
Unlike Steam or Epic Games, tymt does not require you to use our platform while providing sensitive personal information.
The tymtLauncher is the main application to access tymt services such as installing and playing games, accessing blockchain features and staking.
The tymtLauncher is available for Windows(64bit), MacOS and Linux.
Each game or application in the tymtLauncher has been thoroughly reviewed, tested and professionally scanned for malicious activities before they become visible in the library.
As part of our roadmap item, new games and applications that have applied for a review and listing will be audited by Entersoft Audits.
Part of this process includes that some games will be only available in an isolated sandbox environment if you opt-in for experimental features.
Game developers and publishers are obliged to codesign their packages with the use of reputable certificate providers.


Unlike traditional game launchers. tymt does not require you to enter sensitive personal information for creating a profile.
Your wallet address is your unique identifier which is used to purchase games, display gaming activity and enter blockchain related games.
If you have purchased games with your wallet address, you are not able to transfer your gaming activity, game-keys, licenses, rankings or any other data to another wallet address.
It is therefor important that you back-up and don't lose access to your mnemonic as there is no recovery method available.
NFT's on the other hand that are stored in your wallet can be transferred to another wallet address or sold on the NFT marketplace.
tymt supports the following blockchains:
  • - Solar (SXP)
  • - Ethereum (ETH)
  • - Binance Smart Chain (BNB)
  • - Solana (SOL)
  • - Polygon (MATIC)
  • - Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • - Bitcoin (BTC)
  • - Adshares (ADS)
Sensitive information such as your mnemonic or any other data from the tymtLauncher are encrypted and stored locally on your desktop device.
tymt is a non-custodial service, meaning that only the end-user has direct access to the mnemonic.
tymt never had an ICO and does not have its own token, coin or blockchain.
Instead tymt utilizes other crypo assets and innovative blockchains.
tymt uses the Solar (SXP) blockchain as the foundation for the core products and utilities.


Launched in October 2022, tymt is in a very early stage of development.
We are not actively seeking for investments to provide equity in return or to make any commitments to investors.
If there is anything else you are able to contribute other than monetary investments, please contact us using the contact form and we would be happy to discuss any opportunities.

This is not a financial advise. We are actively supporting and building on the Solar Blockchain that utilizes the SXP coin.
If you want to support our work, you are free to contribute voluntarily by purchasing SXP coins in the tymtLauncher or from any exchange that has SXP mainnet listed.
tymt is currently funded by community donations and private funds collected from individuals that are closely connected to the corporation.

If you wish to donate towards the project, please click on the button below. Alternatively, we accept donations directly to our public Solar (SXP) mainnet address.
Solar (SXP) Mainnet Address


tymt is actively seeking for partners that are able to work together with us in building a brand or to provide innovative tools and applications enhanced by tymt for end-users.
We are also looking for reputable institutions or VC's that are willing to collaborate with us in a providing a custodian service for our launchpad service (as part of our roadmap item).
Please use our contact form for more information or to submit proposals.
Generally, tymt LTD does not object to our fans or users using materials for non-commercial uses.
"Non-commercial" means that you don't make money through our services you post or use the material as part of a promotion for a product or service.
tymt LTD reserves the right to have its copyrighted material taken down at any time.

If you wish to use our brand for commercial usage, please contact us first.


tymtLauncher is a closed-source application and is only accessible to official team members of the tymt entity and by 3rd party auditors.
We are actively looking for like-minded people that would like to become a team member and contribute to tymtLauncher.
If you are not a team member, you can still contribute to our SDK's, documentation pages, community development, marketing and to other parts of the tymt ecosystem.
Use or contact form for general enquiries about careers or join us on Github to learn more.
No. We are working parallel on the roadmap items involving multiple developers. The roadmap items will be released and available as soon as its ready.
The roadmap items are a guideline to our vision and subject to change.
Adding your game will be possible by using the tymt Developer Hub and applying for a developer license. This will become available in a later stage once we are further down the roadmap.
Until then, we are happy to review any games that can be compiled from source that are not subject to any potential legal issues or IP violations.

Listing new crypto assets to the tymtLauncher is currently not possible and we are not accepting any listing requests at this stage.
No. tymt is available for any game developer. You are free to apply for listing your game in the tymtLauncher as soon as we are open to new applications.
As one of our mandatory requirement to list both free and paid games is that they are available on Windows, MacOS and Linux (appimage).
Using our tymtCL application, will allow you to port games to Windows, MacOS and Linux.